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Gao Xingjian: The Case for Literature (2000)

I have no way of knowing whether it was fate that has pushed me onto this dais but as various lucky coincidences have created this opportunity I may as well call it fate. Putting aside discussion of the existence or … Читать далее

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Jon Stewart College of William & Mary Commencement Speech

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Harold Pinter: Art, Truth & Politics (2005)

In 1958 I wrote the following: ‘There are no hard distinctions between what is real and what is unreal, nor between what is true and what is false. A thing is not necessarily either true or false; it can be … Читать далее

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Jon Stewart: Exciting thing about your life, is that there is no core curriculum (2004)

Thank you Mr. President, I had forgotten how crushingly dull these ceremonies are. Thank you. My best to the choir. I have to say, that song never grows old for me. Whenever I hear that song, it reminds me of … Читать далее

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Bradley Whitford: The most difficult chains to break are inside us (2004)

What’s up, Mad City?! It’s great to be back in my hometown. On behalf of the acting president of the United States, I want to congratulate you all on your tremendous achievement. A commencement address is what we call in … Читать далее

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